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Come and be part of this great effort

Guests staying at Estrella del Mar can take a tour to the Turtle Preserve at no cost. Depending on the time of year, you or your child or grandchild may be permitted to participate (sign up and scheduling required) in the conservation efforts.

When to visit

The summer months represent the breeding season and we are busy for the entire summer. The first turtles start arriving at the beginning of the rainy season, which begins in July. Once these turtles arrive the workers work around the clock. We try to locate the trails left in the sand from the turtles and follow them to the turtle’s nest. If we successfully locate the nest we excavate, catalog, and then relocate the eggs to a protected nursery at our camp where the eggs are free from predators and man. The eggs are placed at the exact depth that the mother laid them and allowed to incubate for 45 days.

How this miracle occur

After 45 days has passed, we get to witness the miracle of life as these shiny, precious little creatures dig their way out of the nest, shake off bits of sand and open their eyes to their new world. During the 2013 season, the sanctuary received approximately 1800 students as well as a large number of tourists and residents all interested in this process and preservation of life. Normally, these hatchlings would immediately return to the sea; however we try to allow the baby a time to recover for a brief period before placing them back on the sand and allowing them to imprint their birth place and then make a dash for the water.

Off-season efforts

During the off-season, the camp is used to heal injured turtles and serve as an educational source for visitors and most importantly, local children. We have a number of seminars and work closely with local government agencies and schools.

If you are planning to visit the Mazatlan area and would like to know about the best times of the year to visit or would like to arrange for a tour, please contact us (Specially priced accommodations are available).


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