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Click on any hole to see yardages and Pro’s suggestions for playing that hole

Hole 1:

This hole is a dogleg left and has a narrow green, with bunkers on both sides of the green. A good chance to start your round with a par.


Hole 2:

This slight dogleg left requires a precise tee shot to avoid the lake and bunker. You might want to consider a 3 wood. The second shot generally is into more wind than you feel.


Hole 3:

Another precise driving hole with water on the right beginning about 200 yards from the tee continuing to the green. Consider an extra club for your second shot.


Hole 4:

A par on this innocent looking hole is well earned. A driver off the tee, then dare yourself to hit it over the green – it’s a 2 club wind. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a few pictures.


Hole 5:

This #1 handicap hole plays downwind so let it fly. Avoid the fairway bunkers left, and you stand a good chance of making a par. This green slopes more back to front than it looks.


Hole 6:

A short downwind par 3 to a small green. Hit the green and you have a good chance for birdie. Another picture hole.


Hole 7:

Tee shots should favor the right to avoid the bunkers. Staying well to the left of the fairway bunker on your 2nd shot will also provide the best angle to this shallow green.


Hole 8:

A small green to hit in regulation, this par 3 will test the best. There is no bail out area on this hole, which nearly qualifies it as one of those “Great short par 4′s.” In fact, often times a 4 is not a bad score here.


Hole 9:

Aim at the lone palm tree in line with the clubhouse and avoid the massive fairway bunker on the right, while remembering the wind from the right. Going long on second shots is almost impossible due to the breeze off the ocean. Short is in jail!!


Hole 10:

This is the easiest hole on the course if you avoid the fairway bunkers. Long hitters can go for the green here. Don’t read too much into this green.


Hole 11:

Don’t even mess with the left side water and sand off the tee. Second shots need to be well left to avoid the 2nd lake on this strong par 5. Greed will kill here so be patient, take your 5 or 6, and go to the next hole.


Hole 12:

Generally a downwind hole, so just smooth it down the fairway and avoid the water with your second shot, remembering the 2nd shot plays shorter than the yardage.


Hole 13:

The wind blows from right to left and into the player here. Avoiding the bunkers on both sides of the green is a must.


Hole 14:

Once again the wind is from the right on this three shot par 5 playing straight to the ocean. Avoid the left at all costs!.


Hole 15:

This beautiful par 4 plays around the lake from tee to green. The generous landing area for tee shots sets up another demanding shot into the wind to a green set right on the beach. This green slope severely from left to right and back to front.


Hole 16:

You will need at least two more clubs when the wind is blowing. Don’t miss the great view of the ocean behind the green.


Hole 17:

Two very solid shots will be needed to reach this long par 4 in two. The green is extremely fast putting from right to left.


Hole 18:

A beautiful finishing hole with the ocean just behind the green. Take plenty of club to reach this elevated green.




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