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Kim Anders

Kim comes to Estrella del Mar after 20 years at the nationally ranked Pole Creek Golf Course in Winter Park, Colorado. "I hadn't done any skiing for quite a while, the winters seemed to be getting longer, and I just got tired of being cold, so Mexico seemed like a good fit."

An accomplished player early in his career he decided to concentrate on the business side of golf when "It became apparent I could get pretty hungry if I planned on playing golf for a living."

A highly regarded teacher, he has worked with players from the Seniors, Ladies, and Men's and Women's Futures Tours. Kim is known for making lessons fun and entertaining, but will work people hard if that's what they want. "Golf is a leisure sport for most of us. I try to keep the swing simple so people can enjoy the game when they get the opportunity to go out."

Kim and his wife Heather live at Estrella del Mar with their two golden retrievers, Fairway and Bunker.

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